1. About Annie Erskine

    So you wanna know all about me. Cool! Where to begin…

    Well, my name, as you well know, is Annie. I’m in my mid twenties and I reside in Bowling Green, KY. I live with my fiance, Joy, a couple of goofy dude roommates, four cats, and a dog.

    That’s me on the left and my fiance Joy on the right! Oh and that’s some guy in the middle. He was saying something about Ghosthunters or whatever 

    Anyway! I work for a small interactive creative agency in town as the Lead Game Artist. Basically, my job is to decide the artistic direction of our mobile app games and then to create a majority of the sprites used in the game production. I work with the Game Designer and Producer to try to make their visions a reality.

    But that’s just my day job :D

    By night, I am a professional comic book artist and illustrator. I have an existing webcomic (Magia High) which is kind of on pause…but I’m working on a couple other ideas to possibly start another webcomic!

    I also do freelance Graphic Design work for Cartoon Network. Majorly for their website. No, I do not draw the cartoons (sadface). It’s super fun and the people there are ultra cool!

    So yeah. That’s a pretty good summary of me :) Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to ask me questions!