1. "It’s silly, really. You think something as “normal” because it’s the way you’ve lived your entire life.
    Then you assume you can judge another’s life as “wrong” just because they didn’t experience the same as you.
    I never got that part. Judging this way sounds way too tiresome."
    — Go Get a Roomie, by Chloe C. (via ingakatinkabagovinana)

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  2. How Rose Wilson helped me find my voice:

    A lot of people ask me “What got you into comics?” or “What made you want to create comics?”. I could go on about how I was always raised around art and I’ve always loved cartoons and stuff but, honestly? I didn’t get into comics until I was like 17.

    Don’t laugh, but, truth is, for me it wasn’t so much of a comic in particular as much as it was a character.

    I started to do roleplaying on Myspace back when I was a teenager and found that my original characters didn’t go over so well. So as a result, a friend suggested to try and find a DC or Marvel character to play as. Now at this point I hadn’t read any comics save for a couple webcomics. I browsed through my DC Encyclopedia and found 3 characters I thought looked cool:

    - Stargirl
    - Arrowette
    - Ravager

    I went to the comic shop, bought a TON of comics they were featured in, and got to work. I found that I liked RPing all 3 of them but in particular, I fell absolutely in love with Ravager. To me she was more than just the daughter of Deathstroke. She represented strength, courage, power, being yourself, all while still making mistakes. I found myself going through life thinking “what would Rosie do?” and suddenly, I found my voice. I was no longer this shy little girl who didn’t speak up. I defended myself. I defended others. I never backed down if I saw someone being hurt. I would never turn away from someone who needed help. I even went so far as to lose friends because I wasn’t afraid to call them out of they were clearly being wrong about something (friend of mine bullied someone and tried to spread lies about her because the girl didn’t want to RP with her…like wth?). Rose taught me to be myself and to never give up. To be brave and know that sometimes we make mistakes but it is okay. That it is important to forgive yourself.

    Rose’s determination and courage leaked into my life so much that I was never afraid to take risks. It helped me find my internship (and as a result freelance job) at Cartoon Network, it helped me get my full-time job in town, it helped me have the courage to actually tell my then-friend how I felt about her leading to what is now a happy marriage.

    Making comics always sounded fun but it wasn’t until I adopted Rose’s kick-ass attitude that I had the courage to actually try it out. Tried it, loved it, now I gotta make more :)



  3. National Coming Out Day

    Today is National Coming Out Day! I do not hide the fact that I am married to a wonderful woman. My hope for the future is that someday it will not be necessary for someone to have to “come out” as if their preference for love is a sin or a secret. Love is love! 

    Coming out is not always a simple thing to do. But know that it does get better and you can and will find people to love and support you during your hard times. Never give up! To all my friends and fans out there, go out and show the love and support those who need it! 

  4. annieerskineart:

    So when I was in college, I made a cool decoupage/collage thing featuring some mirrored ladies and a collage of Rosie in the background that I lovingly named “Orgasming Women”. I was very proud of it. When I went to finish it up by sealing it with clear glossy spraystuff, I accidentally used white spray paint…It was totally my dad’s fault for putting the wrong lids on the cans…

    Anyway! I managed to save it for the most part but ultimately it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I always meant to go back and make one that prominently featured Rosie and today I decided “sure why not”.

    So I found one of my favorite images of Rose and redrew it, making it suit my needs a bit better.

    The next steps are as follows:

    1. Finish inking sketch.
    2. Find a big-ass piece of wood.
    3. Project the drawing onto the wood and trace it.
    4. Fill in the artwork with a collage of Ravager from the comics.
    5. Seal it, hang it on my wall!

    I will be sure and post pictures as I continue on this project :)

  5. ohgodhesloose:



    A fast and loose fantasy classification guideline.

    I KNEW IT :|

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  6. annieerskineart:

    I drew another cute lady ^.^

  7. annieerskineart:

    I drew a cute lady :D


  8. kaiuchiha15 said: They do have a point in regards to popeye. I mean, where IS his tattoo and pipe in the new cartoon?


    Their point isn’t the matter of accuracy/loyalty to the character, or rather the hypocrisy and tiring conservatism of current Hollywood that a pipeless Popeye might indicate: They are upset about this being a liberal propaganda. They are scared about Popeye being….a wuss. dear us. They call smoking a pipe “a symbol of freedom and masculinity, the reason this country exists”. While the subject may be debatable, their reasons are ridiculous, condescending, and, sexist.

    On a side not- Jesus Christ, who cares? His character is strong enough to be presented with or without the damn pipe and tattoo. Thank god we live in a time those things aren’t necessary to be badass.

    I read an article from Jerry Beck and he points out that since the director indicated that this was NOT final design, nit-picking this soon is a bit pointless :)


  9. Champions Online

    I’m joining back up on Champions Online again. It’s a pretty rad but chill MMORPG if anyone wants to check it out with me. I’d categorize it as “I wanna play an MMO that’s easy to pick up but not too time-consuming.” Additionally, it has a TON of customization even at the Free level. If anyone wants to check it out, let me know and I’ll friend you :)

  10. annieerskineart:

    I was like “Awwww yeah! Time to draw! Ima draw a super cool bear warrior with awesome armor and a bigass sword! He’s gonna be so cool!” …and then this happened…




  11. tokitoide:


    I post something like this about once a year, because I get a lot of messages from people who enjoy my art but feel guilty about not buying things from my store or subscribing on Patreon or getting things from my wishlist, etc. You really don’t need to do ANY of…

  12. giftieart:

    Garnet is a babe and no one can convince me otherwise.

    Bit of a sketch dump of Garnet in Estelle’s(her voice actress) outfits!

    Now I can’t unhear Garnet when I listen to “American Boy” :|

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  13. Hey guys! I’m working on a convention here in Bowling Green, KY. I would love it if you all could give it a “like” on facebook to help us get the word around :) Any help would be great! Reblogs especially appreciated :D

  14. The other day I was watching the episode of Avatar where Toph’s old earth bending teacher (Master Yu) and the boss of the underground earth bending fighting thing (Xin Fu) were after Toph and I made a decision that they were actually a couple.

    OTP folks. OTP.

  15. annieerskineart:

    This is another character in my upcoming graphic novel. Her name is Technologic :)