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  • Is it just a coincidence that the same day I posted on my facebook page that Joy and I were getting married, I also lost 10 followers? Am I just being paranoid orrrr?


    Early Style Concepts/Idea Sketches

    By Phil Williams

     Before the final art style was decided, we went through many drafts. Here are some of the conceptual art examples from the game’s original creator, Phil Williams.

    Is anyone from Seattle and free on 4/20 around 10:30am who wouldn’t mind being a witness at Joy and my wedding? >.>

    Our other witnesses couldn’t make it D:


    A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

    My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

    (via ktshy)


    Conceptual Style Experimentations

    By Jeff Dehut

    Before the game’s current style was decided, we went through several versions of what it could be like. This is an example of early concept work.


    Introduction Storyboard (Part 1)

    By Original Game Creator Phil Williams

    Part 2

    Part 3

    OK everyone! This is just a small TASTE of what’s to come :) What we have here is the blog where I’ll be getting to post a lot of the game concept art for the game I am the Lead Artist on. Cat is out of the bag now, it is Draw a Stickman Epic 2! If you haven’t played the first one, you can find it on steam or on all mobile devices :)

    This storyboard was drawn by the game’s original creator, Phil Williams. Be sure to check it out as well as Parts 2 and 3 :)

    I’m psyched to finally be able to do this! Now I can show art on here without breaking an NDA :D

    Do me a favor and spread the word on this! Reblog this post and give the epic2epiccrew blog a follow :) Thanks in advance!

    Fanart, virality, and why artists aren’t drawing more original content:

    Step 1: Draw Disney Fanart with a twist

    Step 2: Get publicity through a random website

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit

    Step 5: Only do fanart from now on in order to continue making profit

    Step 6: Hate yourself

    No but seriously? I’ve seen quite a trend in this. Now, to preface anything I say, I am TOTALLY grateful for the attention/publicity that websites like buzzfeed and such have given me thanks to my Disney Beards thing. I am grateful for the fans and the opportunity to show my art to people who normally wouldn’t be able to see it.

    However! All that being said, I also find it interesting that of the 3000 people that liked my facebook page and of the 300+ people who followed me on tumblr, only a small handful really care enough to see my actual art.

    I’d say honestly I get messages most days asking when I’m going to do more Disney stuff whether it be beards or the gender bender LGBT thing. Nobody ever really asks me how my own comic is coming along or if I have any new projects in the works. Honestly, it makes me kind of depressed.

    I see so many artists doing the same thing though. Either intentionally or by accident, they make some quirky fanart of something and people go ape shit for it. They get a slew of followers or likes on facebook and honestly, MOST of the time it feeds the desire to take the easy way out and only do fanart from then on. The original characters, stories, or ideas from these artists are then lost by the need to make fans happy by doing tons of fanart. Then, in all the hype of things, they forget to do their own work or people just refuse to pay attention to it. So what do artists then do? Well obviously draw what people are actually reposting and sharing with friends. It’s a vicious cycle…

    All originality is then lost.

    Look, so not all fanart is the devil. A lot of fanart is really creative and well done, I’ll definitely give you that—but it’s still fanart. It is not from the mind of incredibly talented individuals. Artists can do better, so let them!

    Now, don’t get me wrong. There are still a ton of artists out there producing regularly updated original content. But how often do these things go viral? How often does Buzzfeed post an article about an awesome original and unique webcomic? Or an artist who is drawing not fanart but awesome original art? Why must we only feature fanart?

    What can you do?

    Think about how often you reblog or create fanart. Consider instead tossing some original stuff into the mix. Reblog originality! Don’t just like it. Liking something hardly spreads it around. Encourage creators to make original content. Instead of asking them to draw your favorite superhero, ask them to create a superhero with a cool power. Instead of asking them to write a fanfic about your favorite Disney characters, ask them to write an original short story set around the same time period or something. Instead of asking them when the next *insert quirky fanart here* is coming out, ask them about what original projects are they working on and you can support them and their work. Things like that can go a long way in encouraging originality.

    Good luck and remember to support original creations from artists!



    Check out this TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Jem and the Holograms video audition! Featuring the talented Doe Deere, Traci Hines, Kota Wade, Sidonie Smith, and Charis Lincoln; these girls really rock and would be PERFECT for the movie! If you love Jem, you’ll love this! If you have know idea what Jem and the Holograms is, give it a watch anyway; you’ll probably love it! ^_~!

    These ladies went all-out for their Jem audition!

    They get my vote!

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