1. annieerskineart:

    Making some progress on the followup Bubbline pic. I managed to get the flats finished and they’re looking pretty good! I love when flat colors can communicate really well like these do!

    The next step is to begin making the detail lines :)

    Check out this :)

  2. annieerskineart:

    This is a followup to this image. I thought I’d continue on this idea of Marcie saving Bubblegum from some unknown thing. Marcie vanquished whatever was attacking Bubblegum but did she survive the battle? She lays unmoving, half transformed on the battlefield. Peebles, having finally come to, is not happy at this turn of events.

    I know before I said that I wasn’t going to do this one unless I got 100 followers but meh, that’s lame. I wanna share it anyway because I’m super excited about it :D

    Anyway, I’d really appreciate a reblog and a blog follow if possible. I’m trying to get a bit more notoriety here on tumblr because, well, I like it here :)

    Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy :D If this one does as well as the last, I’ll definitely draw a third follow-up image :)

    Thanks to Senshi Stock on deviantart for the pose reference! It was fun drawing :D


  3. Deviant Art is Kind of Useless…

    Post something to tumblr. Within a few hours it has 120 notes (favorites and reblogs).

    Post same thing to Deviantart. Within a few hours it has zero favorites or comments.

    I guess if it’s not tits, ass, or anime, deviant art is not interested *shrug*…

  4. annieerskineart:

    Finally finished @_@…

    I ended up making the scene at night and adding a color halftone effect + paper to try to make it seem as if it was one of the actual show cards. This image was inspired by a dream I had in which Marceline was saving Bubblegum from some kind of threat (in the darkness of night!). The dream never revealed what kind of threat buuuut who cares right? :) It still makes for a cool image.

    *edit* I also added some close-up detail shots. Hope you enjoy!

    I might draw a follow-up image of the post-battle so I can make a more “romancy” picture ;)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy! This took me a little over 24 hours to complete. The painting was all done digitally and I used Kyle T. Webster’s brush sets to help me make it look as cool as it does. Hope you all enjoy my first real digital painting!

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  5. annieerskineart:

    OK so here’s what all I got done today. This is my first digital painting on something besides mutated caterpillars so bear in mind that I realize it’s not perfect. But I tried >.<


    My next steps are to paint the background (based on the background image in there which is from the show (I think)), and then go in and add effects, finish Marcie’s wings, and clean up stuffs.

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments so far? Feel free to send me a message :D

    This isn’t done but I hope you like what progress I made today anyway :D Enjoy and please reblog if you like it! Also don’t forget to like my alternate ART only page :D

  6. annieerskineart:

    …Progress?? >.>

    Give me a break it’s my first time painting a person…

  7. annieerskineart:

    Progress :)

  8. annieerskineart:

    Making some progress :)

  9. annieerskineart:

    Sketch I did of Marceline and Bubblegum. I had a dream last night that I was Marcie and I had to save Peebles from some kind of weird thing. So in this drawing, I expanded on that as if Marcie pulls her out of this fire caused by said thing and is about to cut a bitch.

    Check out this Adventure Time fanart I did :D Ima ink and color it later ^.^ Don’t forget to reblog if you like it and follow my art page!

  10. annieerskineart:

    Today I drew a character design for one of the characters in our new comic. This is Lilu. She’s a deadly assassin and leader of the Red Spider Clan (an organization of elite assassins for hire).

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  11. annieerskineart:

    Good morning friends! Good news, we have officially started scripting our first Graphic Novel, “Stripes”! There’s no set date when it will be released yet since it is extremely early in its production stages but be sure and stay connected with us to see character sketches and such :)

    Here is the…

    I’m making my first Graphic Novel! Check the link for more information and please reblog if you want to help support independent creators such as myself!



  12. Military research help!

    I’m making a comic that has a few characters involved in the military. I know that’s very broad but that’s because I don’t really know much of anything about the US Military other than there’s different sections (army, navy, etc). Basically I need some help figuring out what section they are in, their ranking, and a few other details. If you know a lot about the military stuffs and think you could help me figure these things out, shoot me a message :)

    Any takers?

  13. annieerskineart:

    This is official published art for the mobile/steam game, Battlepillars. For more info on this game, check this link: BOOP!

    These are actually my very first go at digital painting in this style. I hope they look okay! :)

    Check dis out and don’t forget to follow my other blog!

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  14. Hey look I wrote a song.

    Today I swear I cannot draw anything…
    I just wanna cry in my bed.
    The cause of this is quite unknown,
    I think I will just weep and moan.
    Cause today I swear I cannot draw anything ;-;


  15. Can I get people’s thoughts here?

    So I’ve been thinking for a long time about what my next comic project will be. I’ve been trying to get a lot of feedback from friends and fans about what they think would be the best idea to move forward on. Then I remembered that the most important thing is what do *I* want to do. I’d kind of like to do this superhero comic idea I’ve had for a very long time but I must admit, I am TERRIFIED of the superhero comic audience. I feel like it’s an extremely tough audience to get into and that it might not be taken seriously. I mean, you see one super strong tiger woman you’ve seen them all. But on the other hand, it’s one of those ideas I’ve always wanted to try.

    What do you guys think? Am I over-thinking this? Is the superhero comic audience not as grumpy as I think?